Associazione tartufai e tartuficoltori liguri


SAVONA e comprensorio della Ceramica e del Vetro

The Associazione Tartufai e Tartuficoltori Liguri (Association for Truffle pickers and producers in Liguria) unites and represents more than 150 partners throughout the regional territory. Established in 1985 and recognised by the Liguria Region, the Association was a founding partner of the National Federation of Truffle Producers (FNATI) and boasts international partners who represent the European Tuber Group (GET).

Its main aims are the protection and valorisation of the Ligurian truffle; a highly-esteemed product which is greatly appreciated and much sought after by experts all over the world and which for many years was less known in Liguria itself – despite being a truffle land since Roman times, very few were actually aware of its existence.

An important initiative promoted by the Association was the creation of an Identity Card for Ligurian truffles, a document that all partners can request for their own products. The card holds information on the origin and type of the truffle.

Since 1993, the National Truffle Festival in Millesimo, organised in collaboration with local businesses, has really helped to valorise the product and today, attracting thousands of visitors every year from all over Italy and abroad, it has become one of the most significant events in the sector and an important occasion to promote the territory and typical regional products.

Every year the Association publishes the Trifure newsletter and organises and runs campaigns to clean and restore abandoned and overgrown truffle-grounds introducing native mycorrhizal plants cultivated in specialised nurseries.


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