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Since 2002, Julien Truchon has been creating and exhibiting his works in the commune of Patrimonio, Corsica, between the mountains and the sea, a place from which he draws his inspiration. Although he was immersed from a very young age in the world of artistic and utilitarian ceramics by his father André, Truchon decided to study Economics at the University of Montpellier. Through this experience, he became aware of his attraction for the earth.

Determined to follow his dream, Julien left to train as a “turner for the processing of ceramics” in Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye, Burgundy, an intensive apprenticeship that allowed him to approach his profession with technique and rigour. Keen to further deepen his knowledge and aware of the creative possibilities of the profession, he chose to continue his training through apprenticeships with Pierre Dutertre, Guy Legrand and Claude Champy. In 2004, after winning the SEMA Jeunes prize for the Corsica region, Julien concluded his training with an initiatory trip to Bizen, Japan, during which he met the Japanese potters who practice traditional wood firing.


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