Casa Museo Jorn

Albissola Marina

SAVONA e comprensorio della Ceramica e del Vetro

In 1957 Danish artist Asger Jorn purchased two buildings and a piece of land on the hill of Albissola Marina, in Bruciati. Of noble origins, the property was in complete abandonment. In just a few years, and with the help of his Albissola-born friend Umberto Gambetta (Berto), Jorn transformed this place into a wonderful area, whose harmonious organic unity between works of art, nature and architecture make it today a complete work of art, one of a kind.

Before dying, Asger Jorn donated the house and garden and all the works of art therein to the Council of Albissola Marina. In the early 2000s the Council of Albissola Marina started complex renovations of the entire structure, co-funded by the European Union. In 2014, the hundred-year anniversary of the artist’s birth, the Casa Museo Jorn was inaugurated and opened to the public.
The Amici di Casa Jorn Association was established in 2015, with the intent of favouring the knowledge and understanding of Asger Jorn’s art, contributing to the life of the Casa Museo, through active and creative dialogue with both the local and international communities interested in the artist.

In this spirit, the Association promotes and organises workshops, cultural exhibitions and tours, seminars, shows, videos, all while collaborating with cultural partners and national and international public institutions.


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