Devichi Maria-Françoise



Marie Françoise Devichi has managed this family estate since 2012. She is the family’s first female viticulturist. Jaques, her father, is always at his daughter’s side as Head of Cultivation. Marie Françoise successfully combines this paternal land heritage with research and experimentation in creating her wines. She decided, for example, to follow the advice of her great-uncle, Louis, and to age her PDO Muscat for three consecutive years. The “Mlle D” name was born: a brand that is increasingly present in restaurants and wine bars, in France and abroad.

Marie Françoise Devichi manages the family estate for the sixth generation. She strikes a balance between the traditional and the modern: a culture with minimal negative impact on the environment and maximum pleasure for her customers, her employees and for herself.

The Devichi farm is located at the heart of the Nebbiu area, in the Haute-Corse, just a stone’s throw from Patrimonio, Fontana, in Barbaggio. Here you’ll find a wine cellar with tasting, and further down, on the plain, the wine farm. The 40-hectare vineyard, predominantly calcareous and clay soil, offers the ideal terrain for growing red Nielluccio grapes, for white Vermentino and white Muscat.


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Quality Made brand is developed by S.MAR.T.I.C. project, "Sviluppo Marchio Territoriale Identità Culturale", co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development through the INTERREG Maritime Italy-France Programme 2014-2020.