Associazione FLAG Pescando Sardegna Centro Occidentale


del Nord Sardegna

The Association FLAG Pescando Sardegna Centro Occidentale was founded in September 2016 as a Local Action Group in the Fisheries Sector (in English Fisheries Local Action Group – FLAG).
Its task is to design and implement concrete interventions for the improvement of the fishing sector and the sectors connected to it in the reference territory, through a participatory local development approach.

The association is supported by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia in the context of Priority 4 of the FEAMP OP (European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries).
The Fishing FLAG, with an integrated and multi-sectoral approach, intends to support the local community that is historically devoted to fishing and the sectors connected to it: aquaculture, fish supply chain, tourism multi-functionality. Some of these alternative / complementary activities may be closely linked to the value chain of fish products (for example, better commercialisation of local catches), while others may be more independent, such as activities related to local tourism or the sector of hospitality (restaurants, accommodation facilities, etc.). Local traditions, technical-scientific knowledge, the skills of fishermen, the ability to govern the territory represent a strategic mix to restore value and socio-economic progress to the community.

Quality Made brand is developed by S.MAR.T.I.C. project, "Sviluppo Marchio Territoriale Identità Culturale", co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development through the INTERREG Maritime Italy-France Programme 2014-2020.