I Palatini

Ville de Petrabugno


In the words of Jean Dominique Susini, “the Corsican knife is part of our heritage, just like cured meats, wine, cheese and all that Corsica represents through its traditions and its identity”. For Susini this is not a simple job, but a passion which has always been a part of him (as a child he collected nails and all the scrap iron that he found). The pursuit of perfection is what led Susini to train at a very young age with some of the island’s artisans, before leaving to learn alongside goldsmiths, artisans and manufacturers of wrought iron objects.

Susini always strives to deliver the greatest possible authenticity: he is one of the few local knife makers to melt his own steel. Today he produces unique pieces, “which have no price”, to which he dedicates an enormous amount of time.
Jean Dominique Susini’s workshop is located in Haute-Corse, near the town of Pietrabugno on the Bastia plains, at the start of a hiking route that will soon be made a heritage trail.


Ld Mangano 58 ham Guaitella
Contact: Susini Jean Dominique

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