Moulin Olivier Morati

Santo Pietro di Tenda


Olive growing for PDO olive oil

Olivier Morati grows olives in the Nebbio region. He took over his father’s farm, which mainly produced honey. Olivier has reversed the trend, producing predominantly one high quality, distinctly Corsican olive oil, from fruits grown using methods that respect the environment and cultivated at maturity, prepared according to artisan tradition, and the winner of a gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris in 2012.

He has given life back to age-old olive trees (Biancaghja variety) and planted 15 hectares of Biancaghja and Frantoio trees. The oldest trees produce once every two years, the younger ones produce every year. Harvesting takes place in the traditional way: from January to May, the precious olives are harvested directly in large suspended nets, before being taken to the farm press in a continuous chain.

Quality Made brand is developed by S.MAR.T.I.C. project, “Sviluppo Marchio Territoriale Identità Culturale”, co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development through the INTERREG Maritime Italy-France Programme 2014-2020.