Cultivated in Olmeto, in Southern Corsica, on a hill rich in vegetation overlooking the sea, overlooking the spectacular Valinco Gulf, with no sources of industrial or agricultural pollution nearby, the spirulina grown on this 400 – square metre aquatic farm benefits from a favourable microclimate and an ideal environment.

Spirulina is an alga that has remained unchanged for over 3 billion years. Spirulina owes its name to its spiral shape and belongs to the cyanobacteria family (blue-green microalgae). There are around 1500 species of blue algae, and 36 species of spirulina are edible. The main species currently sold is Spirulina platensis.
Spirulina is low calorie and offers a wealth of nutrients in just a very small volume. It is considered a “superfood” for the following reasons: it contains 55-70% very high – quality protein (optimum proportion of amino acids and optimum digestibility) and is an outstanding source of various carotenoids (mainly beta carotene, but also cryptoxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.). It is also an excellent source of iron and rich in phycocyanine, the only natural blue pigment that can be used as a food colouring and which also brings significant antioxidant activity.


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