U Mondu di u Porcu



U Mondu di u Porcu is a heritage interpretation centre dedicated to the pork industry and to the typical skills of this region.
To explore U Mondu di u Porcu is to take a sensitive approach to the understanding of a region through its main skill and the resources that surround it: the way in which man’s actions have tamed an environment, to benefit from that environment’s animal resources, as it has evolved and improved with time and techniques.

The pig participates in a mythological representation of this region and its ancestral beliefs, an emblematic animal that has traversed centuries and legends and has left a mark in the identity of many different religions.
Visitors are invited on an initiatory journey through the beliefs associated with the pig and its specificities.

Quality Made brand is developed by S.MAR.T.I.C. project, "Sviluppo Marchio Territoriale Identità Culturale", co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development through the INTERREG Maritime Italy-France Programme 2014-2020.